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Aromatic SPA

Two hours rejuvenating treatment package, a combination of Kemilau Signature Aromatherapy massage with refreshing body scrub to smoothen up your skin, followed by a foot soak and a flower bath to end your treatment.


Three hours rejuvenating treatment package, a combination of Kemilau Signature Aromatherapy massage that lasts even loonger combined with our refreshing body scrub, hair spa treatment, relaxing foot soak and a flower bath to end your treatment.


A four hours rejuvenating treatment package a combination of Kemilau Aromatic Spa and Kemilau Blissful Healing all in one which are full body massage body scrub foot soak hair spa as well as an exclusive facial treatment that polish your skin. A flower bath for a deep relaxation at the end of your treatment.

Body Treatments


Feel the relaxing sensation of signature Balinese traditional massage, combined with shiatsu techniques that are designed to warm your body and muscles and to improve your blood circulation.


Experience our intense back and neck massage, giving your back the break it deserves. This intensive treatment will clear your mind from stress and tension on your back and neck. Highly recommended for athlete computer – based professional and surfers.


Treatment that gives you the change to be able to eliminate all the tensions and to relieve your tired muscle by giving your shoulders and neck the massage it needs to help restore blood circulation.


Full body massage that use smooth flat and heated stones. Placed at key points on the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.


Very relaxing massage and the perfect skin treatment to those who love to be out in the sun, our organic ingredients will moist your dry and burnt skin, which will reduce your pain.


Rejuvenate your skin by removing the dead skin with exclusive organic based ingredients scrubs. Nothing compares a smooth skin from non-organical products.


An ear treatment for both ears to clean it up and prevent you from having headaches or migraine with our soft and relaxing massage around your ears, shoulders and also your head.

Beauty Treatments


Treat your feet and toes and make them look pretty by getting a classic nail care with your choise of nail polish.


Treat your hand and nails and make them look pretty by getting a classic nail care with your choise of nail polish.


Luxurious treatment for your feet and toes including a foot massage, foot scrub and ultimate foot care with selection of our nail polish.


Luxurious hand treatment including hand massage, hand scrub and menicure with selection of our nail polish.


Quick yet spoiling your hand treatment by polishing your nail with our selection of nail polish.


Rejuvenating treatment for skin of your face, as it helps keeping it moist and clean from all the dead skins and blackheads.


Luxurious hair treatment including hair mask to nourish your hair scalp, topped with head, neck and shoulders massage to release the stress not only is it great for hair, but also in restoring the blood flows on the head through a gentle massage.


Keeping your hair clean by washing it with shampoo and conditioner.

Foot Treatments


Another exhaustion relief for your feet. The feeling of relaxation not only comes from being massaged, but also comes from the acupressure techniques that will be applied to your feet.


Change that feeling of exhaustion to relaxation on your feet from this foot massage. Be ready again to walk, going on tour or to continue shopping after this treatment.

Sophia Chowdhury

Amazing spa on the island. Once you walk in it feels like a sanctuary. Prices are very responsible and the ambiance is perfect. I selected the back and neck booster - the masseuse was very attentive. A body chart was given to me ahead of time to identify the problematic areas. True professionals. I paid about 286k for an hour. Compared to other places and prices, I think it was a great deal.

Ryan Platten

I love the massages here. It’s is so welcoming and clean and you are treated to a welcome drink at the beginning and a pot of tea at the end. It was a fantastic and relaxing experience. A little more expensive than other massages in the area but worth it!

Lian Kitty

Verrrry good massage! We both went for the “Kemilau Message” which was a tradition Balinese message. We had a couples’ room. Nice and clean. They provide the disposable underwear. Bed was comfortable but the cut-out hole for your face was a little small lol But I will definitely come back!! It was a bit pricey for a message in Bali/Lembongan, but the ladies were professional and well trained 🙂